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If you got here it's because something burns inside of you. You know this world and its rules. You know how it works.

Attention! We urgently need a new toilet slave. You pay only for airfare and accommodation, the service of girls is free for you! If you are sure that you are ready to accept the fate of the shit-eater of beautiful girls - write to: Write only on the case: the specific date of your arrival in Russia. I do not conduct lengthy correspondence and if I see that you are not ready, I will send your email address to spam. Every day I get 5-10 emails and I can’t physically respond to all emails; I will answer only to those who are really ready to come. Thank! 11.04.19
Attention! We decided to make a gift for our brightest fans. Only in March - you can feel yourself alive to the toilet bowls - absolutely free! The amount for the trip to our studio and accommodation you pay yourself. Do not miss the opportunity! 10-02-19
Attention! We are looking for a black slave. For you meeting with the girls - for free. We will also pay for your stay. For dialogue, write to e-mail ! 10-02-19
People often ask me - if I come to visit you to serve your girls, will they make me eat everything?
The answer is: 101% girls will make you eat everything, even if it takes a lot of time! But if you want to use the "stop word", then you can stop the session. But if the "stop word" is not specified, then - 101% you will eat everything! But the longer you swallow, the more violent the girls will be and it will hurt you. Usually, slaves who understand this process try to swallow quickly, because otherwise they will have to suffer a lot. It is important to understand that without setting a "stop word", you doom yourself to inconceivable suffering! 21-10-18
IN MY VIDEO - ONLY THE PRESENT WOMEN'S SHIT! I'm thinking about the future of my studio and never used fake shit! Today, many studios deceive their viewers and, before filming, inject a girl into the rectum with a liquid and a mixture similar to diarrhea - this kills the natural microflora and inflicts severe harm on the girl's health! Tip: if the girl on video has a permanent diarrhea - 95%, that fake shit! Several times I noticed that my girls used anal candles or injected laxative fluid before shooting - I was absolutely against it and explained to them that after this we can lose the audience, they did not do it anymore! 06-08-18
Congratulate me! I bought a video camera Canon G40. Now you can watch my movies in very good quality! 20-07-18
Meeting with girls: If you want to meet with girls, write to email 12-04-17
Copyright! I carefully monitor the distribution of my videos on the Internet and block such sites through Google and domain name registrars. Every three months I do a giant cleaning. Do not waste your strength. 22-10-16
Our guests:

Toilet slave Ted - 21 years

His name is Ted and he is only 21 years old. This fascination has haunted him since 7 years! Today his dream came true. He was very worthy, but for him it was very difficult. Several times he begged to stop, but the girls sold out .. The girls felt sorry for him because he was young and handsome, they called him their puppy. After the session, he told me - I did not think it would be so disgusting!. PS New HD Camera!

Toilet slave Mark - 29 years

He suffered long and hard - but it was his choice. This is one of my most cruel videos. Before shooting, the slave asked the girls to be very cruel, did not stop and made him eat everything! The girls did not stop until the end! The girls were upset that it all lasted a long time, it was stress for them, another toilet slave with whom they had to face difficulties. He broke loose from Lisa's hands and spit out the shit, but Lisa picked up shit from the ground and again shoved his mouth, saying I will not stop!

Toilet slave Norman - 53 years

New toilet slave Norman! He is an influential man in business and he decided to serve our girls! He wanted to know what feels like a living toilet for beautiful girls. But he did not think that the taste of female shit is very nasty. He said - I can not swallow any more, the girls laughed and answered - We have no word - I can not. Watch and enjoy!

Toilet slave Vitalij - 40 years

Really swallows fast! Temperature +32 degrees - it was very hot, the girls sweated. This slave really swallows quickly, the girls are surprised and satisfied that they get a good toilet service! The girl likes when the toilet loves her shit.

Toilet slave Maxim - 24 years

He was confident that he could serve 6 girls, but he could not do it - the girls were disappointed! At the end (when we were leaving his apartment) he said - I reconsidered my views on life and will never again be a toilet slave! This is really difficult and disgusting, but not for a real toilet slave, for a good toilet slave - 6 girls this is a magical feast!

You can become a new toilet slave! To become a toilet for our girls, write to the email.

Our girls regularly take a blood test for HIV, syphilis, hepatitis c, and also a smear. They are absolutely healthy!

A few words from the author:

I think - the real toilet slave should swallow the girl's shit - ALWAYS! I do not understand if a girl pooping into the mouth of a slave, but the slave does not swallow - what's the point? The slave must initially be ready for swallowing by 1000%. He has no right not to swallow! It does not matter what the girl ate and what shit she has is a liquid diarrhea from which her belly gurgles and from which she sweetly farts or 3-4 day hard constipation - the slave must swallow everything!


When the toilet slave serves several girls at once - this is like rape! But the slave himself allows it to do - because when you are raped by a group of girls - it's cool! At this moment, he must control his feelings - if the slave does not hold the girls' shit in himself and he vomits, he will lose! When I lie down under a girl - either I will suffer, or get pleasure from their sweet tastes and smells - I choose pleasure!


Congratulate me – I have a new girl – Lisa! She is a real angel, her voice is divine, her shit is sweet nectar and she has a very luxurious girlfriend that you will soon see! I was very fortunate that I found it and can enjoy meetings with it – I hope you will also appreciate the beauty of Lisa!

This is the best way to spend time with girls! They fart and stink – but for me they are the most delicious! It was scary, but the desire to feel their tastes and the fact that now I will be used by 4 girls was stronger. I did not know what they prepared for me – but I knew that I would eat all their delicacies – it’s my duty!



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