5 gorgeous female asses poop in the mouth of an adult man

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One of my best work! The girls are well prepared. They endured for a long time and saved up shit in their asses. This is a terrible and at the same time an amazing adventure for a toilet slave - not everyone can feel it in their life when 5 women suffer for a long time, and then poop into your mouth!

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Is there anyway to contact you?
Registering for forum doesn't work.
I am a goodlooking guy who wants to star in one of your awesome movies.


the man is amazing, he can eat so much. but the woman are hot, so its good cocolate :)


How can I eat the feces of five masters


it is my desire to drink urine and eat poo straight from girls private spots


i am from iran, and i am a slave who loves women very much and i hope you will answer and i will be able to serve these beautiful women with pride.


I been trying to find a site where I can connect with white girls to eat there shit out there asses so badly. I want a bunch of white girl to shit all over my face and in my mouth and swallow there shit


Absolutely amazing! I've been buying shippables from scatshop for awhile but never got to taste it fresh from the source. It would be hot to see all 3-5 girls shit in one pile or a large plate or baking dish and make you it all at once.


I AM FORTY EIGHT YEARS OLD AND I LIVE IN ATHENS GREECE . I LOVE BEING HUMILIATED BY BEAUTIFUL RUSSIAN GIRLS AS A TOILET SLAVE MY EMAIL ADDRESS IS vafeidisprodromos72@gmail.com and my phone nr is 00306944970011 . i want to play in any of your movies please give me the chance i can do anything , facesitting golden shower scat humiliation whatever i love you girls . please answer


Im in love with you!!! You are insane!!!!! Thanks for your proyect


1. Alex from Italy (35 years old)
2. Beginner with a lot of passion and desire.
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4. I want to meet you Milana. please write to me as soon as possible.