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Today, he again lays down under the smelly girls of four girls. This is very difficult for him, but he likes to feel the taste of female shit and take it into his body. These girls are half his age, their asses are very juicy and very smelly and this is his breakfast that he is waiting for.

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Many of the girls have nice legs, But I would like to see them sometimes shit on a plate and with a GLOVED HAND push the shit into the pig's mouth, rather than use the spatula.


I'm a guy about 50 and want to know how to become a toilet for a group of girls


Здравствуйте! Я Влад, 36 лет, Москва, очень хочу обслуживать ваших девушек в качестве унитаза, опыт есть. Готов приехать и приступить к работе. Напишите мне пожалуйста на почту: *


Im 25, I'm black and I live in Germany




I love so much the girl who wears the red mask and has yummy beautiful poo


Could you subject the girls to a diet that keeps their shit soft and saggy?
And i would love to watch an interview with the slave.
Also, videos with plots will make it better. We need to know why are they shitting on him and how merciless they are. Make him fake a suffocation and show us how the girls will not care and continue to shit.


This is a really horny video. I like these ladies a lot.
I am a 47 year old man, very submissive to beautiful ladies. My email address is scatqueens at gmail dot com. I live in France but I can come to serve as a toilet. I have eaten from many ladies already


Que gran mierda la de Amina, la amo

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