A man came home to three girls and ate their smelly shit

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A man came home to three girls and ate their smelly shit

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I would love to eat Lisa big turd they are big and hard the way i like them she could fill me up real good.


Am 19 yrsDaniel from Kenya and i will kindly like to be a slave my email is danielbosire346@gmail.com


I'm in Florida and would love for beautiful girls to poo in my face and mouth!


My dream is to be in that position, I like to eat stool girls, I am a black slave

Alessandro Caroventura

i think it is a great idea,
i don't understand very well how does it will work, in wich part of Europe or with wich miss. I'm interesting in Kira or Victoria if possible

111 111

Добрый день, Милана.
Скажите пожалуйста возможно ли встретиться с вами для сессии по туалетной тематике?
На каких условиях возможна встреча?
Если возможно-оставьте пожалуйста ваши контакты для связи.

Dave Funk


It is nice to find a man who is so interested in receiving warm and sexy gifts from women. I have looked at the Poo19 site and was pleased to see your idea for a special hotel. This to me is a super idea, especially with your focus on healthy and beautiful women. I would like very much to hear how your super idea is developing.

I live in The Netherlands and have had desires about female shit since an early age. You said a visa would not be needed for your hotel. Can I ask about the location you are considering?

After viewing your session with the girl in your car I was convinced that you truly enjoy receiving the shit of women in your mouth and savoring that feeling in your stomach. Have you been active in this for many years? I'm very curious about how you find your women and if they enjoy giving their gifts to men.

You probably have many emails and may not have time to reply to me but I wanted you to know that your idea about this special hotel appeals to me very much.

Best of luck with your idea,

123 123

Здравствуйте, госпожа Милана.
Хочу стать туалетным рабом для Вас и Ваших подруг.
Скажите, что нужно, чтобы Вы согласились принять меня?

Arnaud Arnaud

Im very interesting to make the slave on a video. Please contact me. Im in France.
I often eat poo and drink pee from mistresses so i have many expérience.
Hope to have news from you,

Beautiful ❤️ I like it video


Scathunter Poo Alina
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