Toilet slave Vitaly eats smelly female shit from a pot in the forest

EN: Do you want to find a scat mistress, chat with other toilet slaves, have access to +1000 new videos of beautiful pooping girls, or participate in the creation of a scat club? Welcome to telegram chat -

RU: Хочешь найти скат госпожу, общаться с другими туалетными рабами, иметь доступ к +1000 новым видео с красивыми какающими девушками или участвовать в создании скат клуба? Добро пожаловать в телеграм чат -
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Toilet slave Vitaly eats smelly female shit from a pot in the forest

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Chciałbym być waszą własnością i nie dostawać nic do jedzenia, tyko waszą kupę i siki i tak do końcami mojego źycia


Lassie is perfect, she is a Goddess. Please come to Amsterdam


That girl in orange i want to be her toilet. Please come to the Netherlands


Would like to meet girls who would like to poop in full butt panties and squishy on my face, and then let me lick them clean. Minneapolis Minneapolis Minnesota area.


Am slave boy i want eat


My dream is to be in that position, I like to eat stool girls, I am a black slave

Kelly Lynch

I write to you from Melbourne, Australia, and would like to know more details on the Scat Hotel that you are opening?
I have been a longitme fan of scat, and a huge fan of your videos, would like to work and perform more closely
for the first time in my life perhaps next year.

Please send more details,


Mark Green

Yes, I am very much interested in serving as scat slave to Russian and Ukranian beauties at a scat hotel in Europe. I am young, retired, a US citizen, have served many scat Mistresses in America and have many references. Please let me serve you!

christophe ALLO

Я люблю есть дерьмо от нескольких женщин. Можем ли мы соответствовать ?
Можем ли мы поговорить с миланой или другими мастурбами, чтобы договориться о том, что все в порядке, и наладить диалог, а затем есть?


I am in Moscow. I read of your dream hotel in Europe. Do you have place in Moscow or can you arrange toilet dream of three or five girls in Moscow. I am not rich. Average of $250 per girl. Hotel & extra on my cost.

Scathunter Poo Alina
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