3 mistresses - Christina, Amina and Lassie

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3 mistresses - Christina, Amina and Lassie. They recorded this video themselves. I gave the camera to the girls and they did everything themselves. This is very convenient for me. They took the cell and the toilet slave. The girls invented the script themselves, and the Toilet Slave just did what the girls ordered him to do!

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The human toilet for women onl

I am starving for women to use my mouth as a human toilet. I live in Phoenix Arizona please I want to swallow all of their delicious shit and drink their urine. This is my fantasy to only eat women shit diarrhea solid poop and delicious yummy urine and shit. I am starving. This video makes me so horny and hungry. I wish all these beautiful women would marry me, so I could be their toilet forever, they could eat regular food and I will eat shit for the rest of my life. I will be their human toilet forever. I love you. , they could eat regular food and I will eat shit for the rest of my life. I will be there human toilet forever. I love you Mistress is.

Jeremy bolts

I wish I was that guy in the video. I am so hungry they could just shit and urinate and spit and blow boogers in my mouth. I am starving to eat women’s shit and I’m thirsty please I am a human toilet for women only I am starving.




I hope your choice will be on my side. I am 27 years old


I love you Christina ❤️


Ilove eat scat


My dream is to be in that position, I like to eat stool girls, I am a black slave


Добрый вечер. Как можно попасть к вам на съёмку?

Giuseppe Augello

hello, I am a slave bathroom of Rome "Italy" I was interested to come to the hotel - scat in July / 2020.
can you give me more information?
it will be great to be the toilet of beautiful women and eat all their shit.
thank you and wait for your news. Giuseppe

Jake J

I have been interested for some time in visiting Russia and serving as a toilet for your beautiful women. I am very interested in your Hotel idea. In particular, what city or region is it located as I would like to start planning a trip.

If that idea doesn't work out, I would very much like to be fed by Yana and Lisa. Can you let me know the cost to serve both of them. Also, what city are they located as this is very helpful for planning.

Thank you and I hope I am able to visit next year :)

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