4 hot girls in the sauna are fed a pig

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4 hot girls in the sauna are fed a pig. The pig is chained to the chain and waiting in the toilet while the girls eat hamburgers, drink Coca-Cola and relax in the sauna, but the girls also want to shit and wait for this moment! It's time, Christina says: girls, who wants to shit, where is our dog? Christina led the dog and he began to lick his feet - the girls laugh, spit on him and humiliate him - it's funny how low he fell, the last nonentity, now they will shit in his mouth. Your life is to serve as a toilet for girls! He is hungry and waiting for the girls to start taking off their panties and unloading their delicacies from their asses. The room was hot, the girls were sweating! The girls devastated their asses, took a shower and left, and the slave filled with their shit went home.

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