Shit from 5 girls, now in my stomach! Part 1

Dear friends, I am starting a new search for beautiful girls (some former models will also work) and in the near future I will start looking for toilet slaves. This time I will invite many toilet slaves from around the world, but there will be a quality selection. Meeting with the girls will be completely free, but you must pay for the flight and accommodation yourself. Expect news!
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Shit from 5 girls, now in my stomach! Part 1. This is one of the toughest and most memorable meetings. Ladies dumped the contents of their asses in my mouth. My jaw ached, my throat was tense. I took in a terrible stink. The girls did not spare me, they wanted to get high in my mouth!


How can I experience these girls? I wanna be under all of em, DAMN that’s hot to eat their shit


Здравствуйте, меня зовут Алекс. Я из России. Хотел бы поучаствовать в ваших сьемках. Есть опыт по теме с двумя девушками. *

Beautiful ❤️ I like it video



I love this so much its my favorite fetish but do they get sick from eating it?


Hi i am interested to eat 5 girls shit from ass I will come to Russia please let me know my whatsup number is 8050902500


Hi, I would like to participate in this experience, I have already swallowed only a woman and it is delicious that it is direct to receive it warm. I'm from Mexico, ***


Hello, my name is Vojtěch and I am 19 years old student from the Czech Republic. I would love to film as slave, but I cant travel. I have cameras and all that stuff, just need a girl. If you get one in Czech Republic a would record it for your page for free.


Hi I am 38 yrs old from Germany. I Love your videos. I am already experienced in shit eating. I would like to participate in your Videos. I will eat everything. ***


Goddess Milana, is there a way to come to Russia by train from Italy? Or even with the bus, if there is kindly let me know that I would come to be a slave and eat shit from you all! Thank you


Здравствуйте. А нижние вам не нужны? Мне 30, я в Москве. С радостью поработал бы)