You do not see the girl, but eat her shit!

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You do not see the girl, but eat her shit! Would you like to have dinner in such a cafe for toilet slaves? Yana and Kristina are almost always liquid and have very smelly shit. But the toilet slave must love his hobby and for him it is a sweet treat from juicy female asses!

Here you can read the latest news, as well as ask questions about the Poo19 studio.


My name is Vojtěch
I am 19 years old from the Czech Republic
Would be a slave for your girls but i cannot travel.
Find mě mistresd from Czech and I will record full HD video for your Page.
Email : ***

Thorsten Wagner

Hallo Milana,
I want ask you, it is possible to make holiday in your hotel for five, or seven days and what is the price for this?
I like facesitting very much for long time, smelling on ass and licking, than feets, spitting, trampling. And it is possible with three, or five women.

t b


I read about your scat hotel plans from your page. Wonderful idea! I would very much like to spend some time in there if it will be real. I asked you earlier and considered to come to your Russian place but it feels to be somewhat hard to get to Ufa, so I have not yet traveled there. A location somewhere in more central location in Europe is much easier to visit.

I'm middle aged nice man from Helsinki Finland. I love to serve women as a full toilet and have some great experiences. I love when a lady makes a big load and forces me to eat it all without possibility to say no.

I would love to get all possible information concening that scat hotel business of your's. I'm very interested!




I would like to get in touch with liza and shoot a video & another question why isn’t she in anymore videos?


Доброго времени суток!
Меня зовут Максим, мне 31 год. Я смотрел Ваши видео и читал информацию на сайте. Мне очень нравится тема scat и я очень хотел бы принять участие в Ваших видео, в качестве туалета для девушек. Скажите, пожалуйста, как возможно к Вам попасть? ***


Soy de Argentina y me gustan tus videos Smelly , me gustaría comerme toda tu mierda , quisiera saber si un hombre puede participar de tus cesiones


Hi. How are you doing?. I am a big fan of your poo19 series. I have ordered close to 20 of your videos so far. Am just curious, are you the nice red haired lady who is also participating in some of the videos? :-) I dont need to know alot about you, if you are not feeling good about that, but would just like to know if my dream could one day come true about meeting with you? :-) The lady you call Amina also seems very very nice :-)

Greetings from Nikolaj ***

Dr Dremin

Приветствую Вас.
Интересное предложение с отелем. Я бы хотел пожить в таком отеле и сниматься. Я в теме. Запишите меня


I 've been watching you for a long time.
I 'd like to know how the idea of the hotel is going?
Whether opening is planned? Has the deadline been postponed due to the current situation?


I am Henry, 28 years old, from Finland. I have some experience to eating shit, and i want to eat shit of mistress, and really want to drink pee also. ***

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