Yana threw warm, smelly diarrhea in my mouth

Dear friends, I am starting a new search for beautiful girls (some former models will also work) and in the near future I will start looking for toilet slaves. This time I will invite many toilet slaves from around the world, but there will be a quality selection. Meeting with the girls will be completely free, but you must pay for the flight and accommodation yourself. Expect news!
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Yana threw warm, smelly diarrhea into my mouth. This day was very hot - 5 girls hollowed my mouth in full force! Yana fried me especially well.


I am a 57-year-old French shit ...
i am Shit_hole
your videos are beautiful ...
i learned that yana had left you but that she could receive in private (for a reward) to become her shit hole.
I absolutely want to meet her, either I invite her to France with all expenses at my expense, or I visit her in Russia, here is my email: anthaeus74@gmail.com
i hope you are still in touch with her as i dream of eating her shit and more if she wants to.


J'aime manger de la merde et de l'urine de femmes, et je suis africaine


I am Ashraf Siddiqu, 35 years from Bangladesh. I want to be a toilet slave for group of mistress. I want eat their fresh shit and pee. I like it very much. Please contact with my email. My email ID *



santos max

I love mistress Yana so much. The best ever ❤


When will you make more videos? It's a shame that you are letting this studio die...


1. Age: 27. Country of Residence: UK
2. Experience: I've served five different 5 mistresses and 2 in the same session. Plus more for other bdsm play.
3. Email address: ***
4. Additional Information: You previously stated last year you were looking for a black slave, I'm interested in visiting later in the summer. Hopefully the lockdowns will be eased for people to travel. Look forward to hearing from you.


I just wrote to you a few minuites ago. Here is my Email *** Please do not post my Email on your site. Thanks.


I want to participate in the filming
1. Age. Country of Residence. middle age, Moscow, Russia
2. Tell us about your experience in scat. Yes, I have real experience with this
3. Email address. You can write to me here (https://bdsmpeople.club/personal/***/) I can't put my Email Address on a public form like this or it will get loaded with span
4. Any additional information as you wish I would really like to be in your videos, I have real experience eating, and I live in Moscow and can speak and understand Russia. I hope to hear from you soon)))


Hei ich heise Elitaş komme süs deutschlsnd mochte auch mit euch alle scat UND mochte germe zu euch kommen İst Fas moglich und kostet Fas ? Danke