Only Kira! The taste of her shit is loved by all the toilet slaves!

Dear friends, I am starting a new search for beautiful girls (some former models will also work) and in the near future I will start looking for toilet slaves. This time I will invite many toilet slaves from around the world, but there will be a quality selection. Meeting with the girls will be completely free, but you must pay for the flight and accommodation yourself. Expect news!
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Only Kira! The taste of her shit is loved by all the toilet slaves! A selection of videos with mistress Kira. Kira is a young, beautiful, but very domineering girl. She despises the toilet slaves and treats them like shit!

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Copro hotel. Here you will learn about the scat hotel. How many of our girls and who exactly is ready to periodically travel >>

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Hello, I’m 23 handsome and muscular and very interesting in being on set. I will pay whatever. My number is 3048202237


Kamal i want to eat your shit please.. Write me on whatsapp +237 690704*** ... From cameroon


My dream is to be in that position, I like to eat stool girls, I am a black slave


J'aime manger de la merde et de l'urine de femmes, et je suis africaine


i fell in love with Kira.


Would so love to serve you girls.
41, Male from Canada.
Experienced in solo feed and good swallowing percentage.
Looking to up my game with multiple servings. Never done it yet but I know I can.
Willing to Travel to Europe for your Hotel Project and pay reasonable premium for my room. I could see myself spending a week there with you and see it as a big challenge for me to get better. Trust me, I'm good. (given enough time to plan my vacation as I'm very busy guy)
Email: *


I like to Christina and yana shit.I will come to Russia please let me know my contact number is *.I will come when lock down open


Hi! im 52 years old.And ilove to take part in your movies. And i can eat and drink a lot. Vrite to email *** Greetings Mikael


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Hi i am Abdul. I am interested to come to Russia. I want to eat russian group girls shit I am interested please let. .me know.