3 girls poop a toilet slave on a bright summer day!

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3 girls poop a toilet slave on a bright summer day. It's hot today, the girls sweat and smell! They warmed for a long time and a powerful smelly explosion occurs in their buttocks. The toilet slave must be strong and eat food from the sweet asses of the mistresses. I was there and it is a strong stink in the fresh air, even if you are standing a few meters from it.

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Nice video

I like to eat Christina shit and amina shit. Please help me to find. I will come from India..

Nice video

I like to eat Christina shit and anna shit.both shit




any females in florida into this txt me on kik *

Ludovic Kieffer

hello how are you???

i am interested by a toilet slave custom clip for my birthday in october.

is it possible to do it if I make a script??and for which price??



I would be interested to stay in your scat hotel. Please provide more details (dates, location, price, girls) when they are available.




Hello, i live in Italy, Torino, i'm very interesting about hotel in Europe with most beautifull and healthiest?? girls. I hope this hotel is near my City.

i wait for response

sandi stor


I would love to have Lisas contact, I love her and I want to be her toilet slave.

Greetings from Slovenia :)


Hallo dear Mistress,

the Hotel-Idea is really fantastic !! I am a guy from Germany and would love to visit the idea and hotel. Would be nice to get a mail back to hear where the hotel will be.
Thank you very much


Levent Leon



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