Yana poop in my mouth. Part 2

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Yana poop in my mouth. Part 2

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Would love for the ladies to feed me and just live of eating shit and drinking there piss.


Eat shit from Yana or a Banana of course Yana's shit is much tastier and better for you :D


Yana is my favourite of all the girls, I dream of Yana taking a mosnter shit in my mouth and force feeding until all is eaten!


How can I get in touch with someone to pay for videos from Yana? She has the best poops and I would love to spend lots of money on new videos from her

santos max

Yummy yummy yummy I like Yana scat super cute I want to eat her scat


i wish to serve for you so much



i so wish to serve for you

Reilly Abigail

Интересует "отель" в Украине или где подскажете можно познакомиться с вашими девушками?

Toilet Slave

Hello My Name is Ömer I am 23 years old I have this for 8 years I love serving women and Like a toilet uSE women Please help me I do not know what to do
My number



how are you? I am a big fan and I read about your hotel. Is that already operating? If so, where is it and what is the rate for a short visit with some private (non filmed) scat fun?



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