3 smelly morning beauties!

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3 smelly morning beauties! It was an early morning, the girls recently woke up and their sweet asses wanted to shit. Toilet slave Vitaly came to fulfill his destiny. The contents of the asses of Kira, Christina and Lisa should be in the stomach of Vitali. The girls decided to tease the slave a little before using - they showed him their pussies at a distance, as if hinting that he would never get it and would not even touch their pussies. The time has come and now the mouth of the toilet slave will be filled with heaps of warm stinks!

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christina is very hot, certainly the hottest, but pliz put more of her fresh tits and fett, we need more , and slap the fat guy too


I would love to be a part of your service I'm 18 in Houston that would love to eat your shit


Humie bhi aisa khana hai full plate

стану рабом.

Мне 36 лет,зовут анатолий .проживаю В россии город брянск.хочу испытать себя в роли туалета для девушек.моя почта *** прошу мне ответить.

Florian Wahl

Dear Milana!

I write to you because I found the information on your website. You are talking about an hotel, which you want to open in the summer time. I am really interested in this idea and I really would want to join in. I wrote to you in the past, because I want to be a scat slave in future. The problem is, that I am living in the middle of europe (I come from Austria), but in the summer time it would be possible to make a trip to an other country in europe. You talk about a country next to the sea.

Can you give me more information about that idea?

I would have free time arround july (most of july) and also august.

Please write back to me and give me more information.

Best regards,



I love your videos! Keep going!
I would like to invite Lisa in my home in Paris. Do you think it is possible and how should we proceed?

I am the guy in photo. 37 years old.
I have a go pro and We can produce some videos for you for free if you wish and if Lisa is interested for sure.

By the way I am interested for the hotel project!

Thank you!
Kind regards

sahil sharma

Hello Team
I am rahil 26 years old from India. And I really want to serve girls as her toilet slave. I also willing to come Russia. I read your all information on poo19 website. I accept your all terms and conditions. It's my humble request to please approve my request ASAP.

Ashaba Samuel

hello am a slave looking to be owned by any lady or girls as toilet for the rest of my pathetic life I want them to use me , degrade me , with no mercy or pitty until I draw my last breath all the wastes from menstral blood to poo, piss ,puke, spit until I die ***

Tony Walker

Hi I'm a black toilet slave
I eat all..drink all.
I eat. Vomit..



1. Age. 45
2. Country of Residence:. Israel
3. Tell us about your experience in scat: Scat & Vomit Eater
4. Email address: ***

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