Toilet slave Vitaly serves Amina and Yana. First meeting!

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This was our first acquaintance with Vitaly. He wrote to me in the mail and said that he very much wants to work as a toilet for girls. We met in a sauna and Vitaliy really established himself as a very high-quality live toilet!

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can you angels send me a container full of your glorious shit and piss? i would be happy to pay.
my email is


Hi angels,
You are not humans, you all are angels sent from heaven to feed slaves like us. Men mouths are there to be toilet for girls.. every girls should use their boyfriends mouth as toilets, so boys won't get sick from any diseases as they eat divine poop of angels..


i love Amina so much. i wish i can eat from her a lot in person. i wish i can have her emial or twitter. or she contact me on twitter :kimboney. my best regards.


I adore the girl who wears the red mask so yummy


hi i m new to be a scat slave i want to expirence and i never done this before i m live in india my mail id is ***


Блять вы поехавшие, реально поехавшие

Jordi Puig

Hi Goddess/es:
i am slave caucasian i want Your toilet slave, but i need to be force for You. I can drink and eat if Your force me, i am never drink or eat of Goddess/es. I love the videos of Goddesses : Christina and Victoria for example the video of ¿fajita or kebbab?,... I need to be force for this, i no can eat or drink it, i need help for this. I need learn my place, problem, i am no life in Russia. But if i am Your pet...if i life as Your toilet slave...i can life in Your home as Your toilet.
I kneel before You and lick Your Feet in signal of Your Supremacy.


Dear Princess Christina,

I’m Nozu from Japan, your loyal slave for years.

I’m coming to Moscow for business in February, and I want to have a private session with you if possible.
where are you in Russia? I can fly to you and contribute as much as I can.

Let me know!



did you stop producing new clips? Why don't you bring back the old girls
or old toilet slaves for videos like you did 1 or 2 years ago?

Even if you do not have a toilet slave right now, why don't you make
"POV" videos with Victoria or Christina? On the toilet chair? Slave's
POV or stuff like that..

It would be a shame if you just stopped.

best regards


Добрый день. Ранее писал Вам, хотел поучаствовать в съемках. Связывались по ватсапу, но работодатель не отпустил. Сейчас вроде можно с работодателем поговорить об отпуске. Скажите есть ли потребность в рабе для жесткого поглощения? ***

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