Beauty Lisa gifted my mouth with her nectar

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Beauty Lisa gifted my mouth with her nectar! I will never forget this girl, but maybe she will come back and I can be her toilet again! When a girl with such gorgeous forms poops in your mouth - it is remembered for a long time!

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Türkiyeden selam .

Ben bu güzel bayana hayranım
Poo19 un en güzel kızı kralicesi
Mümkün olsaydı ölünceye kadar onun lezzetli bokunu yemek isterdim.


Lucky slave wish it was me eating Lisa waste and drinking her golden piss on tell i burst.


Lisa i have never eat scat before i would like to eat your shit and drink your piss on tell i burst you are so fine and beautiful.

Mr. Flush

Good stuff


1 )
age: 31
country of residence: Italy
I was the toilet of three different women. At the moment I'm the toilet of cute girl in Genova (Italy)
I really love your vids and I would like to come to serve as you as toilet actor.
I'm a nice and fit guy.
I can partecipate in videos with any girl (number of girls os not a problem at all)
You tell me what you want me to do and I do it.

Would be honoerd to be allowed to come and help you with you vids. Please text me, I can be the best of the toilets and I have no dubts, I want to be your toilet for your videos


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My dream to lay under Lisa's ass and lick it until she shit in my mouth and spit in it .. please lisa answer me .
I will pay you 10,000$
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