Toilet Slave Eats Christina and Victoria's Pantyhose Shit

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Toilet Slave Eats Christina and Victoria's Pantyhose Shit

Here you can read the latest news, as well as ask questions about the Poo19 studio.

I want to know th8 studio

I want to know the studio I also like to eat christina shit. Please kindly know. me my WhatsApp number is. that I will come and pay the money also.

Love be a toilet slave

I will love have my mouth used as toilet by girls . I wish my mouth to be there always drink every drop and eat everything

my man~woman go to doctor

My play doctor enema. My life woman after play boyfrend play enema after play pooping boyfrend play look.


My dream is to be in that position, I like to eat stool girls, I am a black slave

Kaba Olory

Hello, i came across your website and read about the project. I'm not a slave rather somebody who like the idea of watching a girl poop plus sexy massage and other body tutching. I don't know if you had although that kind of vision included in your idea. let me know if your project is still on or not.

Best regards

Thorsten Wagner

Hallo Milana, ich mochte mich erkundigen, wieviel ein Aufenthalt in Ihrem Hotel kostet. Ich habe Interesse, aber kann Ihnen zurzeit keine Zusage geben.
Herzliche Gru?e Thorsten

Nicolas Wentzel

I find your idea of a great hotel, I would like a lot to pay to spend a week there.



I recently found your site, and just wanted to let you know that I would be very interested in visiting the hotel in 2020.
I have previous experience and would for sure come as long as I'm available during those months.
For info I would probably not be interested in filming, but have no problem with extra costs.

Thank you for doing this, the world needs more people like you :)

Best regards,

Iqbal Fadilla

My name is fadilla
I from indonesian country
I want be your slave
My age 28 years old


1. 25 лет, Россия.
2. Опыта нет, но очень заинтересован, быстро учусь.
3. ***
4. Очень буду ждать Ваш ответ!
1. 25 years old, Russia.
2. No experience, but very interested, I learn quickly.
3. ***
4. I will very much wait for your answer!

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