Toilet Slave Bernard and Amina | Part 3

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Toilet Slave Bernard and Amina | Part 3

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Привет. Я снимался у Вас и сейчас хотел бы продолжить съемки, также интересны встречи с девушками которые ранее у Вас снимались, хочу быть их туалетом. Моя Почта *** очень жду Вашего ответа

scott smith

Hello, I'm interested in visiting Russia, or any place in Europe, to be a scat slave. I would NOT want this filmed, so I know it would be more expensive. Can you tell me how much money it would cost? Also, what is the most number of girls I could have at once?

Thank you,


I would like to know where do I have this hotel project in Europe?
Because I would like to come this year in July for video shooting? (I accept up to 6 girls without the possibility of backing up, I eat everything even if I suffocate)
I was supposed to come in July to Russia, but you don't answer my messages anymore ?? If you have made this project a reality, it's easier for me to travel to Europe!
Laurent BYERLÉ



Guten Tag sehr geehrte Herrin. Ich bin 50 Jahre alt und komme aus Deutschland und bin sehr devot und möchte ihnen gerne als Toilette dienen. Würde mich sehr über eine Antwort freuen. Mfg. Sklave Mirko

Michael Fürst

hello, they are very happy with such great girls
I would like to serve as a toilet slave in one of your movies or but I have very big interest to visit your hotel, really
maybe they'll feel like answering me or finding a good way to do it.
i would also be willing to bring a scat lady to germany ajuch against payment for her however she should be my mistress permanently and i would like to serve her permanently as her toilet slave.

Please be so kind and answer me, I would be very happy

Kind regards
Michael from Munich in Germany ***


Hello, my name is Marcell and I'm from Germany. I read that you are looking for a black slave. Is that still current? I've been planning to come over as a toilet slave for some filming. Because of Covid19 it is not possible at the moment but if the travel restrictions were lifted, I would come to Russia about 1 week. The only thing I can't estimate is how safe it is for black people there? Do you have information and experience for me? In which city will the session take place? Also I would like to know what else is offered besides pure toilets slave?what other practices are offered? Prices? Toilet Marcell

Anthony Park

Hi ,
I am a black slave and I would love to be in your videos. I am into ballbusting, post orgasm torture and scat eating. Here is some information about myself:
• Height: 6ft, weight: 144 lbs, ethnicity: black and have never drank, smoked or used drugs in my life
• Dick length: 7' average, 8' max when using supplements...

Myron Klos

Hello, I think your hotel idea is a good one. It would make a very interesting vacation, Miron

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