Eat female shit and massage your feet!

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Eat female shit and massage your feet! This is a really cool video! I remember this session as yesterday and I really liked it. I simultaneously served as a toilet for one girl and massage the feet of another. It was very difficult to simultaneously direct attention to eating shit and massage and I periodically forgot to massage my legs or when I massaged my legs I forgot to swallow shit, but the girls demanded and reminded me to do 2 things at the same time. It was a very cool idea and I want to do it again!

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Merhaba, güzel kızların bokunu yemeye ve sizinle çalışmaya hazırım. adresinden bana ulaşabilirsiniz


I don't know how these guys their shit...i still interested in eating beautiful girls shit ..but how can I..but these guys are lucky


Две самые охуенные тёлки: Кристина и Карина!!! Ваше говно я готов жрать днями и ночами!!!!


is he still alive? he has been eating shit for several years! he isn't healthy!


The two girls are nothing but outstanding and excellent.
They could be quite little more dominant and cruel.

But I admire them anyway.
What I can not understand why can the slaves not start instantly with chewing and swallowing ?
This would make the whole thing easier for the slave as well as for the ladies.
After my opinion the slaves should start swallowing at the first piece of shit, so that his mouth is free for the next part.


Hello! My name is addy. I’m 24 yo. I live in the US but am willing to travel. I’m an attractive looking
Female, brunette, 5’2, and average built. I’m interested in applying to be a toilet slave... yes you read that correct a toilet SLAVE. I’m new to this so I’d need training. A lot of training to gradually be able to eat the beautiful girls shit. But I’m very willing and eager. I’m fine with being filmed. I’m an online sex worked so it’s 100% ok with me. I’m STD free & will be happy to verify with photo or whatever u need! One thing is a am a little picky when it comes to who I will serve as a toilet slave (I’m bisexual but will serve WOMEN ONLY when it comes to toilet slavery) I’d looking forward to hearing back and meeting the girls! Message me ok kik anytime Queen_hope777


My name is Abdul quddus. I want to be slave of 5 girls I liked your video very much. I want to have fun with Christina and amina


My dream is to be in that position, I like to eat stool girls, I am a black slave

Alclos San

Dear Christina,

Let me start off by saying that I’m a huge fan of you and your work. The anount of effort you put in your videos, the amazing girls you find, the amazing punishments you enforce on the male is simply astounding.

I myself am a male from the Netherlands, 28 years of age, highly educated and always like the ‘strange unusual stuff’. At the age of 18 I came in contact with the world of bdsm and especially femdom. Since then I’ve had the pleasure of having multiple sessions in which I give up control to a beautiful dominant woman as yourself. My kinks have varied from ballbusting to corporal punishment to anal/ strap on play.

My darkest secret has actually nothing to do with the kinks I’ve mentioned above. My darkest secret is to be used as a full toilet by a beautiful dominant woman. Lucky as I am, I’ve had two sessions in which I was used as her full toilet: being restrained and forced to eat everything. No escape was possible just how I asked for it.

I’ve come in contact with other websites like Scat-princess and your own site of which I bought some videos. The instant I watched these videos, I was completely hooked.
The actions in the videos was so much more than being used as a full toilet by one mistress. It was being used as a full toilet by an entire group of women. Groups of 3, 4, 5 or even more women.

Ever since i’ve seen those videos, my darkest secret has now become different.
Now it is my wish to be used as a full toilet by a group of woman. Having 3, 4, 5 or even more woman shit in my mouth and forcing me to eat everything.
The ideal scenario for me would be: me completely tied up, so there is no escape for me. The women all being beautiful en ready to use me as a full toilet and abuse me. Each one shitting in my mouth and forcing me to eat everything. That there is no way out for me but to eat everything. Forcing could be done by saying nice things or by things as pain.

In curiosity I’ve visited your website in which you said that you were thinking of opening a ‘color hotel’ in Europe. What country do you think of opening it in?
Such a hotel sounds absolutely amazing since it gives men like me the opportunity to realize or darkest wishes and it also gives us the opportunity to serve you.

Hope to hear from you!


Nod Tovi

Hi beauty,

Id love to meet karina @ christina asap,

Coyld you be kind and give me her contact details pls

Ill serve her well

Thx so.much

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